What We Do

Strasburg Pharms offers all organically grown, laboratory extracted and tested, industrial hemp based Cannabidiol (CBD). Our plants are from handpicked genetics that produce a full spectrum plant entourage while maximizing the CBD potency all while keeping the  THC at or below .3%. We offer CBD rich oils grown in Colorado. We never use any chemicals or pesticides, our plants are cultivated with an all-natural approach. Licensed and regulated by the Department of Agriculture, Our growing process exceeds all state and federal organic growing requirements. The extraction method used to produce our 100% pure cannabis oil uses super cold technology where we seal the terpenes and cannabinoids with super cold temperatures. This process is called Cold Fusion and is the one of the most natural and effective ways to extract the all-natural oils from the plant matter. The oil produced from our plants provides consistent potency and a rich and smooth flavor that few can even achieve.

Why Hemp?

Industrial hemp can be genetically bred to produce high CBD potency and naturally low THC potency (less than 0.3%). CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, in meaning it is used without gaining the feelings of lethargy and/or dysphoria. One cannot get ‘stoned’ from CBD. The healing benefits list of CBD is long and is the reason for most to seek it for optimum health and wellness. Our genetically chosen strains have proven beneficial for high potency in CBD and other parts of the plant’s molecular structure while maintaining low THC levels.

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Our Vision

To bring organically grown and genetically beneficial industrial hemp plants to the market in the most economical fashion.  This is done by bringing great people together and leveraging farming technology that supports consistent and large volume agricultural growing methods.  With over 60 years of agricultural experience on our team, our passion is to grow the very best industrial hemp and provide the end consumer with the highest level quality product available on the market.